The purpose of the MSMF Early Warning Program (EWP) is to alert faculty and staff to potentially serious student problems. These problems can include academic, social, psychological, cultural and other problems. Many of our students may find themselves in very stressful situations, particularly our international students who are in a foreign country with a very different culture, values and ways of doing things.

It is critical that MSMF faculty and staff and other Rutgers resources work together to identify these problems and make the appropriate referrals to address these problems in a timely manner.


    1. Faculty should take attendance on a regular basis during their classes.

    2. If the following incidences occur, then faculty should inform the student of their concern and contact Ana Mastrogiovanni (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 848-445-3920) or Sunita Jagtiani-Sanghvi  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 848-445-6856) to inform them of these incidences so that they can follow up with the student:
      1. A student has missed more than two classes in a row.
      2. Students start performing poorly (failing grade) on midterms and exams or the professor deems that the student is underperforming academically.
        1. Professors should inform Ana about students performing poorly in their classes
        2. Ana will contact these students to discuss the consequences of substandard academic performance and how to improve their performance. Students will be expected to develop a plan to improve their performance. This plan may include help from their professors and TAs, and tutoring improving their background knowledge. Where appropriate withdrawal from courses and/or from the program might be suggested.
      3. A student is acting strangely in class
      4. A student's appearance has changed dramatically.
      5. A student has threatened other students
      6. A student is telling stories that do not seem to be true
      7. All professors shall be asked to report the names of students receiving grades lower than B on the first midterm, or any other student whom, at the time of the first midterm, the professor deems to be under-performing. These students will be contacted by Ana Mastrogiovanni and asked to meet with her and the program director to discuss the consequences of continued poor performance and to give guidance on how to improve. Students in this situation will be expected to make a plan for improving their performance. This might include actively seeking help from their professors and TAs, getting tutoring if available, improving their background knowledge. In extreme cases, withdrawal from courses, when possible, or from the program might be suggested.
    3. Ana and/or Sunita will inform the Program Director of these situations and the appropriate referrals will be made.

If faculty or staff feel that this is an emergency situation, they should promptly contact the following resources: