For all students except MS Statistics students


The Master’s Program in Mathematical Finance (MSMF), operated by the Graduate Program in Mathematics, has established an internal Certificate in Mathematical Finance, offered to qualified Rutgers graduate students, except for those enrolled in the traditional M.S. in Statistics program. (This exception is due to a request by the Graduate Program in Statistics in consideration of the possible impact on their FSRM and MSDS (Statistics) master’s degree programs.) A certificate would be earned by a student who has completed five courses (fifteen credits) from a menu of courses, with three of those courses taken in addition to the courses required for their current Ph.D. or M.S. degree programs.

Goals for the Certificate in Mathematical Finance

The knowledge of mathematical finance is useful for professionals working in technical fields in the financial industry. There is strong  industry demand for graduates with expertise in this area. In response to this demand, we seek to provide Rutgers graduate students who have taken our MSMF program prerequisite courses or equivalents with a certificate that can be tailored to their specific needs and will enhance their career opportunities.

Program Details

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