Welcome to the MSMF Resources for Current Students page. Please find below the resources important to our current 1st and 2nd-year students.

NR17BuschSpring7368Academic Policies and Procedures

All students in the Mathematical Finance Program (16643), whether degree or non-degree candidates or full-time or part-time students are expected to comply with the Academic Policies and Procedures of the Graduate School-New Brunswick in addition to policies specified by the Mathematical Finance Program. Learn more.

Common Class Policies

Your instructor may choose to enforce all or waive all of the common MSMF course policies below. However, unless you are explicitly told otherwise, please assume that all policies apply to your course. Learn more.


Please visit the forms/link page to see the collection of forms required at different stages of your academic program. Learn more.

Learning Goals and Assessment

This an applied mathematics graduate program that trains Master of Science in Mathematics students to become exceptional quantitative analysts who combine the two critical skill sets so much in demand by today's financial industry - an in-depth theoretical foundation in the required mathematical, statistical, and computer sciences and practical knowledge of the world of finance. Graduates of the program are ready to make immediate contributions to employers at hedge fund companies, asset and risk management firms, investment banks, insurance companies, rating agencies, energy trading firms, and an expanding network of businesses that rely on advanced financial engineering methods. Learn more.

Internships and Practical Training

Given its structure as a professional degree program, participation in quantitative financial industry practical training is an essential educational component of our curriculum and is required for all full-time students pursuing the degree program at some point within the first year following their initial enrollment. Many students have internships which are important ways to build their skills, network, and obtain a full-time job. Learn more