16:643 Master’s Degree in Mathematics with Option in Mathematical Finance

Department of Mathematics

The Mathematical Finance Master’s Degree Program (MSMF) supports the principles in the Graduate School-New Brunswick’s Guidelines on Time for Review and Assessment of Qualifying Papers, Theses and Dissertations: to maintain a culture of mutual respect between students and faculty members and that this include excellent communication among them. In particular, students must allow sufficient time for faculty members to review and assess their work and faculty members must be as prompt as circumstances allow in responding to their students with such assessments.

MSMF does not require students to complete a Master’s Degree Thesis as part of its graduation requirements. Rather, MSMF requires students to complete a Master’s Degree Essay, taking the form of a comprehensive project report. The master’s degree essay normally extends a course project report performed by the student during his or her program of study. Preliminary draft reports will be provided to the relevant course instructor two weeks before the last day of classes, so he or she has adequate time to provide feedback to students. Before the last day of classes, students will submit the final version of their project report to the instructor of the course for which the project report originated and to the Program Director. The instructor, Program Director, and one other faculty member affiliated with MSMF will review the project report and approve or provide feedback to the students within one week, so time is available to the students to further improve and finalize their reports.

A reminder of graduation requirements, timelines, and due dates for project reports will be distributed to graduating students at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester by the Senior Program Administrator. Also at the beginning of the semester, course instructors will distribute deadlines for receipt of preliminary draft and final versions of project reports.

Exceptions may occur. When a degree candidate finds himself or herself in exceptional circumstances, and cannot adhere to the guidelines set above, he or she should immediately provide a written appeal for exceptional consideration to the Program Director, as well as to the course instructor. The Program Director, in consultation with the instructor, will decide whether to grant an exception.