Master's Degree Essay Requirement

Our program has no comprehensive exam or thesis requirements, but the Graduate School-New Brunswick requires candidates to complete a master's degree essay. In order to graduate, a candidate's essay must be approved by a committee of three (3) faculty members appointed by the Mathematical Finance Program Director. The master’s degree essay normally extends a course project report performed by the student during his or her program of study.

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Essay Motivation

The market for job-seekers in the financial industry is competitive. A well-crafted essay, based on a carefully designed project, can be listed in the student's résumé and serves to distinguish the applicant. A good project integrates (a) mathematical finance theory, (b) computer programming with C++, Excel/VBA, MATLAB, Python or other approved programming languages, and (c) analysis and processing of empirical financial market data. Most industry careers involve extensive reports and presentation writing for both technical and non-technical audiences. A facility for rapid preparation of good reports or presentations is a requirement in most industry careers.

Essay Sources

The essay can originate from one of the following sources:

A final project assigned by the instructor of:

The final project report will normally be accepted as a master's degree essay provided the final course grade is at least B; borderline cases will be reviewed and decided by the Mathematical Finance Program Director.

Guidelines on time for Review and Assessment

As per the professor of the course being pursued.