Biography:  Dr. Noma is the founder of Garrett Asset Management, an investment firm that uses behavior models to trade in futures, ETFs, and currencies. Prior to founding Garrett Asset Management, Dr. Noma was a portfolio manager running a fund of hedge funds and was the Chief Risk Officer at Asset Alliance, a seeder of hedge funds.Dr. Noma teaches risk management in the Masters in Mathematical Finance program at Rutgers and machine learning at Columbia University. Earlier in his career, Dr. Noma was a professor in the Psychology Department of Rutgers University, publishing in the areas of psychometrics, applied decision making and group dynamics. Dr. Noma's current research includes development of a method for assessing risk aversion and research in ways men and women differ in their perception of risk. He is also working on natural language processing techniques to assess the emotional intelligence of financial professionals and athletes using theories of emotional awareness and expression. He develops machine learning algorithms to merge diverse data sources into semantic data models behind a financial chatbot.