Advisory Boards

The functions of the Student Advisory Board include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Escort Fall 2016 incoming students to dinner and answer questions they may have about the program.
  • Organize monthly activities for the Math Finance first and second year students.
  • Provide feedback and insights on academic issues
  • Help with employer when they visit (if needed )
  • Assistance once or twice a year with representing out program to prospective students.
  • Answering questions if an applicant would like to speak to a current student before applying to the program.
  • Promote a sense of community within the program.

Student Advisory Board

Xie, Xinyi
Affiliation: Degree Student  
Email: xx83 (at)  
Berg, Kristoffer
Affiliation: Degree Student  
Email: kristofferh.berg (at)  
Khot, Piyusha
Affiliation: Degree Student  
Email: piyusha.khot (at)  
Wang, Di
Affiliation: Degree Student  
Email: di.wang0725 (at)  



Degree Students - 4
Dual Degree PhD Students - 0
Dual Degree MS Students - 0
Non Degree Students - 0

*PhD candidates pursuing MS in Mathematics with Option in Finance as a second degree.
**Candidates pursuing Mathematical Finance as a second MS degree.
†Non Degree candidates in the Mathematical Finance program