Mathematical Finance and Probability Seminar

Mathematical Finance Career Workshops

Seminars at Rutgers New Brunswick

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Mathematics Colloquium
Mathematics Seminars
Statistics Seminar.

Seminars at Nearby Institutions

A selected list of seminars at neighboring universities and research centers.

Columbia University

Mathematics Seminars
Probability Seminar (pdf)
Mathematics of Finance Practitioners Seminar
Financial Engineering Practitioners Seminar
New York Quantitative Finance Seminar

Cornell University

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan Seminar Series

New York University

Courant Institute Mathematical Finance Seminar

Princeton University

Bendheim Center Finance Seminar
Operations Research and Financial Engineering Seminar

Institute for Advanced Study

Mathematics Seminar
Institute for Advanced Study Events

Seminars at Other Institutions

Seminar in Financial Mathematics at Stanford University
Seminars in Financial Mathematics at ETZ Zurich
Center for Research in Financial Mathematics and Statistics at University of California, Santa Barbara
Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago