Advice for Prospective Applicants

  • Applicants can strengthen their application by taking one or more of the recommended additional courses prior to entering the program; transcripts should indicate registration even if final grades are unknown at application time.
  • Applicants with a strong overall record but who are missing a prerequisite course may be admitted, but must complete the course with a grade B or better before September of the admission year; if such a course is not completed with a satisfactory grade, an offer of admission may be revoked.
  • Prior financial industry experience is not required.
  • If you have taken all the prequisite courses but it has been more than two (2) years since your undergraduate degree, we recommend that you retake one or more prerequisite or recommended courses to refresh your knowledge.
  • Domestic applicants and international applicants residing in the United States with prior visa authorization to take classes can take prerequisite courses at Rutgers as non-degree ("non-matriculated") undergraduate students.
  • Undergraduate courses in Economics, Engineering, or Physics with significant mathematics or statistics content can also indicate useful preparation. Examples of such courses include Econometrics, Signal Processing or Control Theory, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, or Statistical Mechanics.
  • Prerequisite courses can be taken at Rutgers or a local university, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that courses taken elsewhere are equivalent to Rutgers courses. For courses taken in New Jersey, applicants may consult the equivalency chart, Courses Approved for Transfer Credit, provided by our Mathematics Undergraduate Office.
  • Prerequisite courses may only be taken in a regular classroom setting; online or Internet courses are not accepted.
  • For further advice and information about undergraduate prerequisite courses, please contact the appropriate office:
    1. Undergraduate Mathematics Advisor:
      For domestic applicants and international applicants with prior visa authorization to take individual courses at Rutgers and who have questions about our undergraduate mathematics courses.
    2. Mathematical Finance Program Director:
      For international applicants residing outside the United States or without prior visa authorization to take courses at Rutgers and questions from all students about selection of courses to prepare for our program.