Are you a Rutgers Undergrad Interested in Pursuing Masters in Mathematical Finance? 

Complete an undergraduate degree in four years and the MS in just one academic year, with minimum additional time and expense. With careful planning, best begun during the sophomore year. 

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  •  Students with any undergraduate major who have completed the prerequisites can apply.   
  • The accelerated degree program allows students to count towards the MS degree up to 12 credits of graduate coursework taken while an undergraduate, provided they were in excess of requirements for the undergraduate degree.
  • The accelerated MS degree program allows significant cost savings: Tuition for the Mathematical Finance Option is higher than undergraduate tuition rates and 45% higher than the standard Graduate School-New Brunswick rate..
  • Summer school tuition rates are discounted from regular undergraduate tuition rates.

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Interested students are welcome at any time to seek the advice of the: 

  • Mathematical Finance Master's Program Director (finmath (at)

Students are encouraged to use Summer school, especially following the junior and senior years, to ensure their courses are completed on schedule. The Departments of Mathematics and Statistics offer most of the advanced prerequisite undergraduate courses during the Summer semesters, and some graduate courses (for example, Statistics 16:960:563 and 16:960:583). Summer school tuition rates are discounted from regular undergraduate tuition rates and some courses are offered during the evening.