Statistics 16:960:583 Methods of Statistical Inference


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Course Abstract

Theory of point and interval estimation and hypothesis testing. Topics include sufficiency, unbiasedness, and power functions. Emphasis is on application of the theory in the development of statistical procedures.


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Primary Textbooks

Probability & Statistics, DeGroot, Prentice Hall, 3rd edition


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Class Policies

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2008 Harold Sackrowitz 

Weekly Lecturing Agenda and Readings

1 Sufficient Statistics
2 Maximum Likilihood Estimators
3 Unbiased Estimation
4 Fisher Information
5 Bayes Estimation
6 Hypothesis Testing
7 Simple hypotheses
8 Uniformly most powerful tests
9 Two-sided alternatives
10 Likelihood ratio tests
11 Tests for Normal means, t-tests
12 Bayes tests
13 Confidence intervals
14 Wrap-up

Library Reserves

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