Statistics 16:960:563 Regression Analysis


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Course AbstractReview of basic statistical theory and matrix algebra; general regression models, computer application to regression techniques, residual analysis, selection of regression models, response surface methodology, nonlinear regression models, experimental design models, analysis of covariance. Emphasis on applications and many illustrative examples.


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Primary Textbooks

Required : J. Neter et al Applied Linear Regression Models. 4th Edition, Irwin publishing company.
Suggested: Montgomery and Peck Introduction to Regression Analysis, Wiley 1992.
Suggested: Box, Hunter and Hunter Statistics for Experimenters, Wiley 1978


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Class Policies

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Sara Lopez-Pintado

Weekly Lecturing Agenda and Readings

LectureTopicsReading Assignments
1 Introduction , Basic Stats, Linear Models  
2 Linear Models: Diagnostics and matrix formulation  
3 Multiple regression  
4 Multiple regression: diagnostics and testing  
6 Model selection I: testing, subset selection  
7 Model selection II: selection criteria  
8 Model selection III: bootstrap, cross-validation  
9 Regularized regression: PCreg, Ridge and Lasso. Bayesian methods  
10 Nonlinear regression, Weighted LS  
11 Looking ahead: generalized linear models  
12 CART, non-parametric methods  
13 Review  
14 Student Presentation  

Library Reserves

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