Statistics 16:960:565 Applied Time Series Analysis


The course is normally offered during the Spring semester.
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Course Abstract

Model based forecasting methods, autoregressive and moving average models, ARIMA, ARMAX, ARCH, state-space models, estimation, forecasting and model validation, missing data, irregularly spaced time series, parametric and non-parametric bootstrap methods for time series, multi-resolution analysis of spatial and time series signals, time-varying models and wavelets.


Statistics 16:960:563 (Regression Analysis).

Primary Textbooks

Required: Brockwell, P., Davis, A. Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting . 2nd edition, Springer.
Suggested: Shumway, R., Stoffer, D. S., Time Series Analysis and Its Applications.
Suggested: Venables and Ripley , Modern Applied Statistics with Splus.


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Class Policies

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Rebecka Jornsten

Weekly Lecturing Agenda and Readings

LectureTopicsReading Assignments
1 Introduction, Stationary Processes 1.1-1.6, 2.1-2.2
2 Stat. Processes, Measures of Dependence, Tests of Randomness 2.1-2.4, 1.4, 1.6
3 Forecasting 2.5,3.1-3.3
4 Spectral methods 4.1-4.4
5 Spectral methods 4.1-4.4
6 Review, Estimation 5.1-5.2
7 Estimation, Model selection. 5.2-5.5
8 ARIMA/ SARIMA 6.1-6.3
9 Multivariate 7.1-7.7
10 Multivariate, Bootstrap 7.1-7.7, handout
11 Smoothing, Image processing handout
12 Wavelets handout
13 State-Space 8.1-8.7
14 Wrap-up, new methods handout, 9.2

Library Reserves

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